Surface Measurement Consulting

Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH have years of experience in surface measuring systems and applications. That’s why we offer surface measurement consulting services about profilometry.

Indeed you can get advice on various topics. Such as: 2D roughness analysis for profile parameters, sophisticated topographic analysis of complex surfaces, or complete personalized analysis routines.

To put it briefly, BMT support you answering any surface measurement-related questions you may have.

Surface Measurement Routine

As a matter of fact, BMT have a deep knowledge of 2D and 3D surface measurement technologies in the automotive, semiconductor and medical industries. As we have developed many measurement and analysis routines, we can definitely bring added value on your personalized routine.

Custom Device

BMT also have a comprehensive expertise in mechanical and systems engineering. Thus, we can help you design a unique measuring system to fully match your requiremements.

Custom Software

Do you need a custom software routine for post-processing your data? Then, our software development team can help you create analysis reports or connect to a database.

Custom Surface Measuring System

To start with, we only need a brief description of the parameters of your functional surface or of your complex requirement specification.

Next, once we understand your requirements, we can offer you test or contract measurements or full due diligence. This helps specify the measuring technology, routine and analysis you need.

Then, we can customize the  measuring system according to the results of the study. Of course we always work towards meeting both your technical and economical objectives. And, as BMT keeps abreast of the latest innovations in our industry, you benefit from cutting-edge technologies.

Contact us if you are interested in surface measurement consulting.

Surface measurement consulting