About Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH

About Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH – Producer of Measuring Systems

Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH (BMT) are a high-precision measuring technology company based in Germany. Since 2001 BMT have been designing and producing innovative roughness and waviness measuring systems for the automotive industry.

BMT Core Competences

Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH are expert in technical surface measurement for QA in laboratories and on production lines. Although we mainly cater for the automotive industry, BMT’s expertise can be applied to various industries.

BMT produce custom contact / non-contact measuring devices for profile measurement and surface inspection. Our systems are used on technical surfaces such as shafts, grooves on shafts and pistons, camshafts, vent sealing lips, cylinder bores or metalsheet. It may be worth noting that all our devices are fully designed and produced in our workshop in Ettlingen.

Additionally, we offer contract measurement as well as a full range of  services.

Research & Development at BMT

In order to remain competitive, we invest continuously in Research and Development. Thus, we have a large intellectual property portfolio. We also own patents as well as product-integrated knowledge.

Our goal is to expand our target audience. As such we have started to offer our expertise to the IT sector.

Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH & NanoFocus AG

Since 2015 BMT are part of the NanoFocus Group. NanoFocus AG employ 70 staff members and benefit from over EUR 10 million annual revenues. This provides a strong base to assure BMT’s continued success.

Michael Hauptmannl is the CEO of both NanoFocus AG and Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH.

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Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH Workshop - Producer of Measuring Systems