Calibration & Standards

Standard Calibration

BMT offer standard calibration services. Our engineers verify the accuracy of your measuring system. In other words they make all necessary adjustments so that your device matches its original specifications. Here’s what our calibration service includes:

  • Testing of the device functionality
  • Traceable calibration to ISO 9001 2000 international standards
  • Adjustment of the device to its original specifications
  • Replacement of wear parts if needed
  • Issuance of a calibration certificate
  • Issuance of a service report
  • Update of the recalibration due date

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Calibration Certificates

Below is a list of the most common certificates we can provide you with:

  • Works calibration certificate (standard)
  • DAkkS calibration certificate (accredited calibration)
  • PTB calibration certificate
  • BMT / manufacturer calibration certificate

It is worth noting that the issuance of accredited certificates usually takes a couple of weeks.

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Reference Standards

As a matter of fact, each measuring device is only as good as its reference. In order to monitor the accuracy of your measuring devices, BMT can provide you with reference standards.

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Standard Calibration Services