WLI Lab - investigation of rough and smooth surfaces

  • Microscopical investigation of rough and smooth surfaces
  • Fast measurements, within seconds
  • Fast change over of objectives
  • Lateral resolution approx.1 µm
  • Vertical resolution < 1 nm
  • Measurement results independent of color and material
  • Rugged construction for use in production


Roughness tester for CMM

This self-contained miniature roughness measuring instrument serves as a supplement to the conventional probes of a coordinate measuring tool. It enables the roughness measurement at selected locations on the workpiece without moving it. All of the usual roughness parameters can be calculated including the dominant waviness. This MiniProfiler instrument will be equipped with different adaptors matching the workpiece geometry at the measurement position.

Surface Roughness Gauge for Sheet Metal

This measurement station lends itself for manual or automated measurement of surface profiles. Either the sheet metal is put in manually or it is loaded from the magazine into the measurement station. The measurement system is designed that on the left hand side there is a service cabinet to control the air pressure valves and the printer sits before it.

Specific measurement tools for various applications

For a variety of specific requirements BMT devised and built measurement devices. Many different industries gained by our experience to build highly innovative gauges, e.g. engineering, electronics, paper and glas industry, semiconductors, medical technology, research institutes.

We will be pleased to solve your measurement tasks if you turn to us.


Lead Measurement System (after Daimler Werksnorm MBN31007)