Surface Roughness Gauge for Sheet Metal

This measurement station lends itself for manual or automated measurement of surface profiles. Either the sheet metal is put in manually or it is loaded from the magazine into the measurement station. The measurement system is designed that on the left hand side there is a service cabinet to control the air pressure valves and the printer sits before it.

Above this is the translating part, covered by a protection sheet of metal. This transfers the sheet metal cassettes from the magazine (in the middle on the photo) to the measurement station. The measurement station on the right is comprised of a granite base table, resting on passive air bearings. During the measurement the cassettes rest on this table and they are held down on their edges using suitable, air activated rails.

All common roughness parameters are calculated using specific, sheet metal quality control created filters, e.g. sSt filtering.

Programming of the sSt filtering.

Upper and lower cut offs for two band pass filters, namely one coarse and one fine may be entered. Correspondingly the sSt parameters, calculated using these two bandpass filters, are displayed and exported to an Excel spreadsheet.