Roughness tester for CMM

This self-contained miniature roughness measuring instrument serves as a supplement to the conventional probes of a coordinate measuring tool. It enables the roughness measurement at selected locations on the workpiece without moving it. All of the usual roughness parameters can be calculated including the dominant waviness. This MiniProfiler instrument will be equipped with different adaptors matching the workpiece geometry at the measurement position. Since during the measurement the device rests on the surface the measurement loop is extremely short and therefore the measurement entirely vibration insensitive. The drive is incorporated in the device and therefore the CMM arm remains stationary. When not in operation the device rests in the magazine and the battery is charged. A simple measurement sequence can be seen in the movie.

This CMM roughness tester reduces the quality insurance costs considerably since it makes the transport of the workpiece to a standard roughness tool redundant and since the roughness measurement is integrated in the measurement run of the CMM.

Rauheitsmessung fur KMG

Nachweisbare und bezifferbare Kosteneinsparung der Qualitätssicherung und somit des Produktionsprozesses bis 80%.