Lead Measurement System (after Daimler Werksnorm MBN31007)

  • Investigation of sealing areas on cylindrical shafts
  • Detection and evaluation of lead structures
  • Mathematical assessment of all relevant lead parameters
  • Analysis of sealing problems
  • Designed for shop floor use
  • Space saving due to vertical work piece orientation
  • Promotes manufacture of leadfree sealing areas

Lead measurement and evaluation according to the MBN 31007-7 Daimler plant standard.

Optical lead measurement on request.


Filename: Typ:
Part no.: Order no.: Ident no.: Diameter: 63,5 mm
Cut-off: 0,3 mm X: Resolution: 1000 points/mm
Lenght: 5mm
Y: Resolution: 0,2 points/°
Lenght: 360°


Lead angle Period length Number of turns Average lead depth Av. theor. feed cross section
0 mm 0°0'' 0,11 mm 0 0,54 µm 30µm2
Rz Ra Rmax Rk Rpk Rvk
5,26 µm 0,71 µm 6,40 µm 2,17 µm 0,62 µm 1,26 µm


Topography Autocorrelation function
2-9 1-9

Data sheet: LMT.pdf