Professional competence

  • Unsurpassed Technical Experience in surface metrology
  • Fast and flexible reaction to customer inquiries
  • Innovative and cost effective solutions for measurement tasks
  • Uncompromising support after the purchase

Our competence is the development of optical, tactile surface profile and roughness measuring instruments. We ensure our leading edge "Know How" is state-of-the art via cooperation with specific universities and institutes in a number of countries. This enables us to transfer in a fast manner the latest technical advances to leading edge products.

BMT offers products to support our customers in applying the latest technology to meet their increasing demands for cost effective and technically advanced requirements. Moreover we strive to employ our advanced metrology for in-line production solutions and we take into account the specific requirements of our customers. We enjoy having a highly qualified and motivated staff.

We offer to our customers a competent extensive and supplier-independent advice,
and both standardised instruments and customised specific measurement units.
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We will be pleased to give you more detailed information regarding our innovative solutions in the area of optical and tactile surface profilometry.


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